Antique barometers

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Mercury Barometers

Mercury expands, or contracts, according to temperature.

Consequently, antique barometers will be affected by exposure to extreme heat sources.

To retain accuracy, barometers should never be positioned close to a radiator or fireplace.

It is important to remove any gold, or silver jewellery, before you handle a mercury barometer.

Mercury combines with precious metals on contact, and will result in permanent staining.

Relocating barometers

Barometers are precision scientific instruments. 

Any sudden movement, or accidental knocks, can damage a barometer's delicate mechanism.

Before moving an antique barometer, consult a BADA specialist for advice on the best method of transit.

When moving mercury barometers always keep the instrument in an upright position.

This will prevent sudden movement of the mercury, which can cause the glass tube to shatter.


Dealing with a mercury spillage

It is important to wear protective rubber gloves, even when dealing with a small mercury spillage.

Use an eyedropper, or pipette, to collect the droplets.

Store the droplets securely in a sealed container.

You can dispose of the container at any council refuse facility that accepts used batteries.

Antique barometers

Cleaning antique barometers

The best item to use for general cleaning and dusting of antique barometers is a soft lint free duster.

For more delicate cleaning use a soft bristle brusg which will help to acccess hard to reach areas.

When cleaning parts on wood mounted barometers it is wise to avoid using metal polish. 

This is because stray drips or spillages can permanently damage your wood's patina. 

Major cleaning work should always be undertaken by an experienced restorer.

One of our BADA clock dealers will be happy to recommend a suitable professional.

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