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Inherited. is a magazine where young people can inspire and be inspired by the Arts and Antiques Industry. Inherited. has been created to explore the many channels which influence the British Antique Dealers Association and to give a voice to those who will inherit its ethos. It is a space for individuals interested and motivated by current affairs, visual cultures, finance, politics, law and literature. It is a space for celebrating the achievements of young people and to give focus to the naturally forward-thinking dialect that evolves from nurturing connections and encouraging conversation.


Upcoming events:

The BADA Young Friends hold regular events, click the links below for more details and to book your tickets:

In Love with Shakespeare: Justin Croft & Geoffrey Munn in Conversation - May 20 2023.

Collecting Maps for Beginners with Ashley Baynton-Williams - June 10 2023.

Kintsugi for beginners with Sujin Jung - October 26 2023.


The BADA Young Friends is an ideal way to expand your knowledge of the visual arts and your social circle.


About the Young Friends

Founded in 1998, the Young Friends aims to provide a social and intellectual introduction to the world of fine art and antiques. 

This is achieved through visits to galleries and museums, as well as drinks parties and dances.

Whilst having fun, the Young Friends raise funds for arts-related educational projects. 

Recent beneficiaries including the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery, the Geffrye Museum and the Museum of London.

In addition to their own events programme, Young Friends can also attend BADA Friends events and apply for free tickets to many national fine art and antiques fairs.


Join the Young Friends

To qualify as a Young Friend you need to be 35 or under. Annual membership costs only £20, or £35 for two people.

To book your membership online, simply click the button below.