Update from SOAS student Corrina Ellis, winner of the BADA Friends Prize in Memory of Brian Morgan

I was delighted to receive the BADA Friends Prize and considered it a privilege to be chosen along with Chin-En Chen.  I intended to use the prize to fund a place on a course in Japanese early-modern Palaeography at the University of Cambridge last summer, but the course was cancelled due to the pandemic.  Instead, it will be held online this coming summer.  The course enables familiarisation with the palaeographic challenges characterising Edo-period primary sources, something I wished to put into practice in my MA dissertation which was based on textual represen

"Wally Birds" - Alison Davey of AD Antiques

Martin Brothers bird-form vessels (often referred to as “Wally Birds” after their creator Robert Wallace) are, for most of us, aspirational items. Largely made to resemble leading political and industrial figures of their time and rendered in the manner of caricature pioneered by the 19th-century English satirical magazine Punch, these whimsical works were eagerly sought-after by London’s “chattering classes,” with commissions for their production coming from aristocrats including Lord Faringdon and Sir William Drake.