Christopher Legge & Angela Seger-Legge

Get to know the people and personalities that make the BADA, as we delve into their businesses, passions, and insights on buying and collecting. Through a series of interviews, we uncover their stories and discover what drives them in the world of art and antiques. 


Christopher Legge & Angela Seger-Legge

From Legge Carpets Ltd

Christopher Legge and Angela Seger-Legge are a husband-and-wife team with expertise and flair specialising in antique and contemporary carpets. Their business therefore offers a wide range of antique, mainly 19th-century, carpets and textiles from Europe through Central Asia to the Far East. These include a considerable number of Uzbek silk Ikat coats and an exceptional collection of Persian Jajims, but also modern textile art, thus spanning several centuries of creative activity. Below is an interview with Christopher Legge. 


What would you say has been your biggest personal achievement in your career in fine art & antiques so far?

Having been going for 50 years as a dealer with a gallery! We will have a special celebration, including an exhibition to mark the occasion, the provisional opening date is 18 October 2024. Visitors welcome!

Had you always wanted to work in the industry, or did you have a career change?

After my career as a stage manager in the theatre, my early interest in rugs gradually took over and had to turn into a business.

How did you first get involved in the industry?

Initially I learnt to be a restorer as a way of learning about rugs and the business in general.

If you weren’t a dealer, what would you be?

Something craft based, perhaps a jeweller.

Could you tell us your three top tips for buying and collecting antiques? 

My three top tips would be: 

1. Learn as much as you can about your particular interest
2. Find a dealer that you can trust
3. Buy the best you can afford

Could you tell us about a recent visit to a gallery, exhibition or fair you have visited and enjoyed?

Visiting the Ashmolean to see the magnificent Moghul carpet on display at the moment – well worth a visit to Oxford.

What would you say is needed to be a successful dealer?

For me personally, honesty is most important.

Will you ever stop collecting or dealing?

Probably not.

What is an item that you wish you had never sold to a client and kept for yourself?

There are too many to mention and a lot of them are in important collections now.

What events have you got coming up and where can we next view your stock?

Come to our gallery, which is open Thursday to Saturday. We also have big event coming up in October, please ask for details.

Can you tell us a little know fact about yourself which is unrelated to the Antiques Trade?

I like to hand carve spoons.