Laura Bordignon

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Laura Bordignon

Laura Bordignon Antiques

Laura Bordignon has been specialising in Japanese works of art since 1997, particularly metalwork and okimono carvings from the Meiji period, of which she has developed significant knowledge. As a result, she is consulted by an international clientele, advising collectors on how to expand their existing collections as well as start new ones.



Could you tell us about your favourite piece currently in your stock and what makes it special?

Laura BordignonI specialise in Japanese works of art from the Meiji period, around the second half of the 19th century when Japan emerged from relative isolation after 250 years and began producing fine metalwork objects for export markets.

My favourite piece currently in stock is this Japanese silver and shibuichi box by the master Ishikawa Katsunobu, finely inlaid with gold, silver, and shakudo depicting two cranes on a shore among pine trees and crashing waves beneath a rising sun.

The composition is well thought out and beautifully balanced. Katsunobu was one of the most talented metalworkers of his time and also exhibited at many international exhibitions, including the Japan-British Exposition in 1910.

What would you say has been your biggest personal achievement in your career in fine art & antiques so far?

My biggest personal achievement is the publication of my book “The Golden Age of Japanese Okimono” in 2010, although I underestimated the time, research, and attention to detail it took to complete a three-year-long project.

I was honoured and very grateful that the Shoto museum in Kyoto allowed me to reproduce their archive material in the Fukui Yasutami 1996’s catalogue.

What events have you got coming up, and where can we next view your stock?

I really enjoy exhibiting at fairs and get such a buzz from meeting people from all over the world, some with very fascinating backgrounds. My collectors are just as passionate as I am about Japanese art, and some have become good friends.

I am really looking forward to participating in the prestigious Treasure House Fair in London this June alongside seventy of the world’s top dealers.


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