This object is eligible for a Certificate of BADA Provenance

Charmingly decorated small late 17th Century silver patch box.
Unmarked. Circa 1690.

The box has a circular form with a pull-off lid which has rope-work borders and is engraved with a winged bleeding heart, pierced by two arrows.  
The vertical sides of the box are engraved with a v-shaped pattern.
Provenance: The Lion Collection, entry number 37. 
Illustrated and written up in Culme, J., British Silver Boxes. 1640-1840, The Lion Collection. The Antique Collectors' Club 2015, page 55.
Today it would make a distinctive pill box. This patch box is highly pleasing in every way and in spite of it's delicate size and appearance it is extremely decorative.

Diameter: 0.8 inches (2cm)
Weight: 0.2 troy ounces (6.2 grams)

Condition report

Extremely good apart from some minor rippling to one side of the base.

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