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This antique silver spoon is a very rare example of a Georgian period church straining spoon. Church strainer spoons were used for removing dust from communion wine in much the same way that smaller mote spoons were used for tea; the obvious difference being the size - table spoon as opposed to teaspoon size.

 One side the bowl of this straining spoon is pierced, and the handle is of narrowing stem style with a pointed terminal.  The back of the bowl is engraved with the initials I*C. The spoon is in excellent condition with a lovely patina. Length 9.41 inches, 23.91 cm - the initials I*C almost certainly refer to Jesus Christ or lesu Christus .church straining spoons are very rare and not normally of this fine quality - to find one by Hester Bateman is most unusual


23.9 cm Length


2.20 troy oz

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Very Good

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