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A near pair of late 19th century terracotta vases with slender necks, the white craquelle glazed ground richly decorated with stylised flowers and bands of geometric ornament in cobalt and touquoise blue.

India, circa 1880

For centuries the Kashi artisans or 'Kashigars' have been producing their ornamental wares in the towns of Halla, Tatta and Multan in the north-western section of Pre-Partition India. The close proximity to Persia resulted in the characteristic use of an Islamic language of ornament of floral and geometric motifs, as seen on these examples. The area's development into artistic pottery had originated from the earlier production of tiles made to adorn ancient buildings from Beluchistan to Persia.


27 x 18

Condition report

Some small chips to the glaze and to the base and neck synonymous with age and material.

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