This object is eligible for a Certificate of BADA Provenance

A charming mid 19th century Overmantle Wall Mirror of important large proportions, having beautifully figured birds eye maple cushion moulded frame enclosing later bevelled mirror plate.

This attractive mirror is mid 19th century in date - The mirror plate itself is certainly later and probably dates to the mid 20th century.

There is a possibility that actually originally this frame was made to house a large painting of some kind and has been later purposed into a mirror.

Whether originally made as a mirror, or as a picture frame, it is certainly impressive in proportions and excellent quality construction.

The proportions are quite unusual and difficult to find regularly. There is a variety of interior design spaces this mirror would look great in and the classy, elegant design means that it would also fit with a wide variety of pre existing design schemes.

Circa 1850

Height - 68in
Width - 53in
Depth - 2.5in

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Open by appointment and at fairs (see also under The Edenbridge Galleries, Edenbridge, Kent)