This object is eligible for a Certificate of BADA Provenance

Elamite jar with goats and palms

Susa region, Iran

Mid 3rd millennium BC


The large vessel of carinated form, rounded towards the flattened base, has an upward sloping shoulder and a conical neck. Enlivened by three horizontal thickened ribs; at the shoulder, before the neck, and at rim.

Painted with black slip on a cream-white background. The shoulder has two striding goats, each separated by a tree with pairs of branches reaching up and outwards.

The body has sections of thin vertical lines, bordered by a pair of solid bands above and below. Repaired from large pieces with two small lacunae.


Dr Hans (1900-1967) and Marie-Louise Erlenmeyer (d.1997), Basel, Switzerland; acquired mid 20th century
An old label under the base reads “Erlenmeyer Basle”


More commonly found are examples without the thickened ribs. For jars with these ribs compare L. Vanden Berghe, Archéologie de L'Irān Ancient (Leiden, 1959), pl.123,c. Also an example at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA, 43.89.13.


35 x 28cm
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