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For sale are these large silver plated covered (vegetable) dishes designed by Charles Ashbee for the Guild of Handicraft in c 1900.  They are near identical to those in Ashbee’s “Modern English Silverwork” plate 44 – see images.  I would not normally go for plated items but these are just beautiful examples of Ashbee’s and the Guild’s work.

The condition is very good. The dishes stand evenly and the lids fit squarely to the bases.  There is some rubbing to the plate and copper is visible in places. They have not been replated.  The handles are made of ivory which constitutes under 10 per cent of the overall item and these dishes will therefore remain legal to sell under forthcoming new UK legislation.

These dishes have direct provenance to the Briggs family, more information can be found here.


30.5 cm long, 20 cm wide, 13.5cm high

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