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The straight, padded back re-upholstered in a modern linen. Originally with red velvet and embellished with 18th century, braid, fringe and tassels. The adjustable padded wings joined to the back with a metal catch and ratchet stamped 'Comyn Ching & Co, London' and hinged at the base.

The straight, upholstered arms projecting from the back and supported by turnings. The seat with a loose cushion. The base also decorated with brass studs. Standing on castors. (see photographs of frame) English, third quarter of the 19th century. 81201248. 

Reference : 17th Century Interiors & Decoration (Peter Thornton) ill 150 depicts the couch at Knole . 

This is a rare, 19th century copy of the infamous, sumptuously, upholstered, 17th century, couch with hinged arm rests, that are adjusted by irons at the back, found at Knole Park, Sevenoaks, Kent, the ancestral seat of the Sackvilles.

The original couch served the dual purpose of bed and settee, and is one of the earliest examples of English, upholstered, seat furniture. This is a magnificent, 19th century copy, having the correct proportion, and being upholstered in a similar style to the original settee at Knole. 

England, circa 1850-1900


198.00cm wide (77.95 inches wide), 101.00cm high (39.76 inches high), 87.50cm deep (34.45 inches deep)