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Of round form, thinly and finely potted with an everted and barbed rim, the steep walls decorated in bright underglaze blue with eight panels of auspicious symbols, including the rare addition of an upside-down double gourd, alternating with flowering plants and pomegranates, all framed within double lines, the centre of the interior painted with a simple bird-on-rock motif, the inside walls divided into large and narrow panels with on the large panels fruit sprays and flowering branches with insects, the narrow panels with hanging ribbons, the base glazed.

Period: Wanli (1573-1619)

Footnote: For a similar example of this type of ‘crowcup’ (or kraaikoppen in Dutch), so called because the bird resembles a crow, but without the upside down gourd see Maura Rinaldi, Kraak Porcelain – A Moment in the History of Trade, Bamboo Publishing Ltd, London 1989, pl. 166, p.145



Diameter: 14 cm; 5 ½ in

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