Bags will be searched upon entry and exit.

Heavy coats and jackets, large bags and umbrellas must be deposited in the cloakroom at their owners' risk.

Items may not be brought in to the event for valuation.

Only guide dogs and other assistance dogs will be permitted entry.

Food and drink may not be taken in to the event. 

CCTV is in use for purposes of security and safety.  Other filming and photography may be taking place within the event and if you do not wish to appear you should tell the photographer or film crew or a relevant member of staff. 

Professional photography may only be undertaken with the permission of the organisers.

All items for sale have been inspected by the fair’s appointed vetting committees but their assessment is only an expression of opinion and none of BADA, the vetting committee, any committee member or the organisers give any warranty in relation to such assessment or accept any liability for reliance on such assessment.

Any agreement to buy any item is an agreement between the buyer and the exhibitor and neither BADA nor the organisers are party to, nor do they accept any obligation or liability in relation to, any such purchase.

Visitors are reminded to ask for detailed invoices and receipts when making a purchase to save any misunderstandings after the event.