- a fresh makeover

Posted: 2012-07-03 23:06:16 - Last updated: 2012-07-03 23:16:19

BADA’s website has just taken on a new, fresh look, to reflect the gradually evolving presentation of antiques by many of its members, particularly on their websites.

But a fresh design is not all that is new on the site.

Those, such as interior decorators, looking to choose a design theme for a particular room will find it helpful to use the new “Styles” facility in Art and Antiques Search section.

The main asset of the Association is its own members. Previous versions of the BADA site have not placed sufficient emphasis on this important fact, so we have now incorporated short biographies and histories of members’ businesses. Some members have also provided photographs of themselves, so that the public can see that when they buy from a member of BADA they are buying, not from a faceless corporation, but from an individual or group of real people who possess knowledge, skill and commitment to their chosen profession.

There is an improved section listing members’ forthcoming exhibitions, as well as a new approach to the pages for our popular Friends organisation.

We hope you will enjoy using the new site. As with all new web-sites there may be a few “glitches” during its initial days of operation. If these remain please feel free to alert us to these by sending us a message from the site.

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