BADA Voices, Tales of the Trade

Posted: 2016-05-25 17:03:35 - Last updated: 2016-05-25 17:03:54

BADA, the membership association for the finest dealers in art and antiques, will be celebrating our first century of excellence in 2018. Formed amid the turmoil of World War I, by London’s leading antique dealers, the story of BADA and its members is the story of British art, antiques and design over the past 100 years.

Through four Heads of State and 23 Prime Ministers, from financial boom to economic squeeze our members have seen it all, and now BADA plans to pay tribute to our members by telling our story through the words of the dealers themselves, in the first of our exciting centenary projects, BADA Voices.

A two-year collaboration with our partners at Leeds University’s renowned Centre for the Study of the Art & Antiques Market, BADA Voices will feature in-depth digitally recorded interviews with 30 prominent members of BADA’s fine art and antiques community.

BADA Voices aims to enhance our understanding of the evolving structures of the antiques market over the course of the 20th century. The project will also explore the exceptional objects that have passed through our dealers’ hands and the relationships between our members and private collections, museums and galleries worldwide.

Interviews will be published regularly over the coming months on and stored in the digital archive at Leeds University. By our centenary in 2018 all 30 BADA Voices will be live on the site, combining to provide a unique oral history of the art and antiques trade throughout BADA’s first 100 years.

Marco Forgione, BADA CEO, said: “The 20th Century was a period of unparalleled change, development and turmoil. Throughout this time BADA members have been instrumental in leading the development of the art and antiques trade.

“In this role they provide a unique overview of the changing social, economic and political landscape. Since BADA’s establishment in 1918 our members have been instrumental in the creation and development of some of the world’s finest public and private collections.

“BADA’s centenary provides us with a great opportunity to review the journey the trade has taken and consider what the trade in the future could be. BADA Voices is a wonderful platform for us to record BADA’s narrative in the voices of key figures in the trade’s development and to secure these amazing stories for generations to come.”

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