Historian solves mystery of Architectural Heritages Jacobean staircase

Posted: 2016-03-03 18:05:52 - Last updated: 2016-03-03 18:12:07

The provenance of a 17th century staircase, bought at auction by Architectural Heritage, has finally been revealed thanks to the research of historian Dr Mark Baker.

The staircase, which until recently had been stored in the x-ray block of the disused hospital at Ruthin Castle, has been revealed as the former centrepiece of the now demolished New Hall country house near Wrexham.

New Hall was a gift from Sir Thomas Myddelton, co-founder of the East India Company, to his son Charles, with the four flight staircase being a prominent feature of a major rebuild to the property in 1664.

Dr Baker, who discovered an image of the staircase at New Hall in the archive of the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, said: “It’s one of the finest Jacobean staircases that I’ve come across.

“The house was completely demolished, but it was asset stripped. The staircase somehow survived – often they just get chopped up and burnt but this staircase was removed in its entirety.”

Fortunately, it’s temporary home at Ruthin Castle was watertight, keeping the New Hall staircase in excellent condition and it has since been reconstructed by Alex Puddy and his team at Architectural Heritage.

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