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Posted: 2016-03-02 11:31:06

Lots has been happening at the BADA Trust over the past six months.  Firstly, the money raised from the Cellini Ball supported two worthwhile projects one at the Glasgow School of Art library and the other at the Textile Conservation Centre also in Glasgow. Duncan Chappell, senior librarian at the GSA decided that he would like the Trust to purchase two Art Deco sketchbooks by the designer Pickford Waller.

These came from Maggs Bros Ltd and due to Ed Maggs kindly giving the Trust a “friendly” price this meant there was some spare money.  This was given to Rosie Nuttall a student at the Textile Conservation Centre.  I visited both institutions who were thrilled with the Trust’s support.  I would like to thank the small committee who worked so hard to make the ball such a great success they were:  Claire Brown, Daniel Bexfield, David Isaac, Lucy Sandeberg and Viktoria Westin.

One of my main aims over the past months has been to forge new alliances with other arts related groups, so raising the profile of the Friends, the Association and the Fair.  The Trust will now be working with the Friends of the Fitzwilliam Museum, the London Ladies Club and a proposal will be going to NADFAS.   These will now run alongside our existing links with Sotheby’s Institute, Kensington & Chelsea Women’s Club and the Arts Scholars.

We are also going to appoint representatives for the Trust in and outside of London.  To this end we now have a new representative in York, Darrell Buttery and Charlotte Barnes who will be heading up the South of England and I have two people interested in the position for the Midlands and Greater London.

We started the spring programme in great style with a masterclass given by Lennox Cato at the stunning Hambleton Hall hotel in Rutland.  It is hoped that the Friends will hold an event there annually.  The talk was publicised on the hotel’s on-line newsletter which goes out to over 3,000 people. Thanks to Lennox and Sue Cato who worked so hard to make the event such a great success. Lennox’s taxing quiz certainly gave everyone food for thought and much laughter.

Thank you to all the members who kindly gave me names of clients who were then given complimentary membership.  People were delighted to receive this gift. If you have not yet given me a name then do please give it some thought.  It is a great way to thank a client or even give a client who you have not heard for a reminder about your business.  The Friends is here to help you the members and is another publicity tool for you all so please take advantage of this.

Friends’ events continue to be well supported and one of the recent highlights has been a private visit to Crosby Hall with Dr Christopher Moran.  It is often due to the high esteem that the BADA is held in that makes it possible for us to visit places that are not open to the general public.  The masterclasses in dealers’ shops and galleries continue to be extremely popular and is a unique experience that only you the dealers can offer.  I am planning my programme for the end of the year so if anyone wishes to hold an event or give a lecture then let me know.

In the meantime I look forward to seeing exhibitors and visiting members on the Friends stand at the BADA Fair (A71 & A72).

Anne Green

Friends Director

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