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A pair of hongmu square stools, each with a typical mitred, mortice and tenon frame with hidden tenons at the corner joints. Drilled for a soft seat construction these stools have been subsequently converted to hard seat with a new board and transverse stretcher with the matting applied to the top surface. The square section leg with a raised bead to the inside is mitred, mortice and tenoned into the seat frame and terminates in a well-drawn horsehoof foot. Straight stretchers are mitred and tenoned into the inside face of the legs at the same height and are also finished with a raised bead creating a complete frame to the “double cash” motif to each side.

Qing dynasty, Kangxi period, early 18th century.


Nicholas Grindley Inc., New York, 1985

Private collection, New York and Florida, 1985 - 2019


height 47 cm, width 55.6 cm, depth 55.6 cm

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