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A Danish glass model of a jellyfish 
2014, BY Steffen  Dam (b. 1961)
Made entirely of glass as to give the appearance of a specimen sample, with etched signature to the underside 'Dam 2014'

Steffen Dam trained and worked as a toolmaker before he turned his attention to glass. The uncompromising nature of this material exactly fitted the precise and analytic way of thinking he was taught when constructing industrial tools.

While working as a glass-maker, Steffen became interested in the aesthetics of unplanned faults and irregularities caused during the making process. He learned to explore and enhance the subtle beauty of air bubbles, ash marks, soot residue, cracks and crookedness. With complete mastery, he now combines these impurities with metallic oxides and foils to create wonderfully subtle three dimensional pictures within a solid form of colourless glass.
Steffen Dam finds inspiration in historic cabinets of curiosities and taxonomic collections of specimens preserved in alcohol in glass vials and bottles. His Jellyfish installation is an example of his 'Marine Biology' series. In which he conjures up all sorts of sea-creatures within a solid cylinder of glass.


20.5 cm x 9 cm
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