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Nicholas Grindley

Nicholas Grindley was born in England in 1951. For over 40 years now he has been dealing and researching Chinese art, with particular interest in furniture and works of art.

During most of this time he has conducted his business as a private dealer, although since 1998 he has published two catalogues a year, and exhibited in London, New York and Hong Kong.

Many works from these exhibitions and his other dealing activities are in museums and private collections throughout the world.

Nick is asked by museums in the US and Europe to advise on the acquisition, disposal, cataloguing and re-attribution of Chinese furniture in their collections.

He had a gallery in Old Burlington Street, London for over 10 years, and after spending a further 15 years as a private dealer in New York, he is back in the UK working out of his private house in London by appointment only.

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Nicholas Grindley
Chinese furniture, scholar’s objects and works of art
c/o BADA, London
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Open strictly by appointment only
Nicholas Grindley
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