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JH Bourdon-Smith Ltd

J.H. Bourdon-Smith Ltd are a family firm established by John Bourdon-Smith, whose first purchase of silver was an etui of c1815, for which he paid £4 in 1951.

He has progressed from careering round the country on a second hand motorbike to the firm’s current premises in Mason's Yard in 1978.

The business is now run by John Bourdon-Smith, Edward Bourdon-Smith and Julia Bourdon-Smith (son and daughter).


They deal in antique and modern silver from the 16th century to the present day, specialising in early spoons, collectables and good house-furnishing silver from the Georgian to the Victorian periods.

Their stock has an emphasis on English, Scottish and Irish silver including all the provincial centres of the British Isles.

They advise international museums and private collectors across the world with the acquisition of important objects or equally are happy to assist first time buyers.


Provenance is provided wherever possible, with a strong emphasis on heraldry.

They are always willing to impart their knowledge and advice to buyers and sellers alike.

J H Bourdon-Smith Ltd are members of the Silver Society and have exhibited their stock in Australia, the Far East, Europe, Canada and the United States.

They continue to participate at many of the world’s premiere antique fairs.

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J H Bourdon-Smith Ltd
Silver: specialising in Georgian and Victorian silver and early spoons; early English glass and delft
24 Mason's Yard
Duke Street, St James's
Opening hours
Open Monday-Friday 9.30-5.30
+44 (0)20-7839 3951
John Bourdon-Smith
Edward Bourdon-Smith
Julia Bourdon-Smith
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