Hatchwell Antiques
3 ½" refactor telescope by Utzschneider & Fraunhofer of Munich, circa 1825.
Class 1 model of a single screw steamboat by Steven's Model Dockyard
Carved wood life size perched eagle, Swiss, circa 1925.


Hatchwell Antiques

Hatchwell Antiques is a family business based on the King's Road, Chelsea, London. 

They also frequently exhibit at Art and Antiques fairs in London, Paris and the USA.

Their Chelsea showroom is a treasure trove of the unexpected, where highly collectable 20th Century pianos sit alongside giant polished titanium turbines, submarine doors and exquisite glass chandeliers.


Their stock extends from 18th and 19th century furniture and lighting, to mid 20th century continental design.

We also have a unique collection of aeronautica, and an exceptional selection of binoculars and telescopes by the finest makers.


Grown from a passion for pioneering design and superior engineering we have become the leading supplier of highly sophisticated models of aeronautical and space development.

Many pieces are of scientific and historical importance, designed by leading industrial designers and aeronautical specialists of their day.

Many pieces remain in their pure state such as wind tunnel and concept models and others are adapted to create practical interior furnishings.

Our obsession with these items grows from a fascination of their superior engineering, extraordinary detail and their importance in history.

We have a large collection of aircraft models from wind tunnel and concept models and manufacturer’s and contractors models.

Makers and designers include: Concorde, Rolls Royce, Martin Baker, NASA, British Aerospace, Douglas, Vickers, & Zeppelin.

For further information on stock and services visit the Chelsea showroom or the company website.


Hatchwell Antiques
Furniture and scientific instruments
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