Crosby Hall: Building The Past

Event Crosby Hall: Building The Past
Date Thurs 24th May 2018
Location Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, SW3
When 2.30pm
Cost Cost: £48; Guest price: £55 to include refreshments

I am sure many Friends have passed the tall metal fencing on the Embankment and wondered what lies behind this barrier that seems to have been in place for many years. Well, all will be revealed in this visit.

I am delighted that the owner, Dr Christopher Moran, will be accompanying the group throughout the afternoon. For those of you unfamiliar with the building, Crosby Hall originally stood in the City of London as part of Crosby Place.

It was moved to its current location in 1909-10, when Crosby Place was demolished to make way for a bank. Other buildings were added and the British Federation of University Women took a lease on the site. Christopher Moran was able to buy the whole site in 1988.

Dr Moran’s aim was to put the Hall back into its historical context as part of a private residence, designed to house the extensive collection of Tudor furniture which he has been collecting since his twenties.

With these high ideals, Crosby Hall is a building that pays homage to the Tudor period, with the entrance inspired by Cardinal Wolsey’s Hampton Court, Elizabethan garden designed by the Marchioness of Salisbury and richly carved pilasters derived from Kirby Hall.

This gives you a flavour of the splendour of the building hidden behind the scaffolding. We are extremely privileged that Dr Moran has granted us a visit, as the house is not normally open to the public.

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