BADA Endangered species declaration

Reaffirming BADA’s commitment to helping tackle the abhorrent international trade in illegal ivory, BADA offers worked antique declarations for objects made from or containing materials taken from endangered species, including elephant ivory.

Using a panel of art market professionals, BADA draws on the knowledge and experience of industry leading experts to establish the age of an object made from ivory (or any other restricted species) and confirm that the carving or work is a "worked specimen" made before 1947, as required by existing UK law.  

For a fee of £60 BADA will then issue a BADA Worked Antique Declaration, indicating whether, in its opinion, the item comprises a worked specimen made before 3 March 1947.

Whilst specialist art market professionals and museum curators have the knowledge and experience to judge the age of an old object made from ivory, people without such specialist knowledge may struggle to do so.  

BADA’s service has therefore been developed to help private sellers and those without sufficient knowledge ensure they are fulfilling their legal obligations.

To download a BADA endangered species declaration click here

To download guidance on completing your declaration click here

Under current UK law an item made from elephant ivory may only be sold if the ivory in it is covered by the ‘worked antique exemption’ (i.e. was significantly carved or engraved over at least 90% of its surface prior to 3 March 1947) or the item is accompanied by an EU commercial activity certificate, commonly referred to as an ‘Article 10’ permit. The latter are rarely granted in the case of ivory objects. The law is likely to change in this respect in the UK once the Ivory Act 2018 come into force.