A dealer offers advice to a prospective client

To assist the antiques buying public BADA has its own consumer information and advice service, dealing with the buying and selling of antiques. Much of the information can now be accessed via this web site, but in addition a letter or telephone call to BADA’s headquarters will provide a variety of information services to collectors.

These include:

  • Our free pocket sized List of Members.
  • Our Consumer Information Series pamphlets:
    • Buying & Selling Antiques
    • Valuing, Securing & Insuring Your Antiques
  • Our popular free publication The Care of Antiques & Works of Art 
  • Advice about export of antiques including the BADA Antique Certification Service.
  • Information about the major antiques fairs in Britain including the annual spring event, BADA 2019, held at the Duke of York’s Square in Chelsea.
  • Assistance in finding a BADA dealer.
  • Information about the Friends of the BADA Trust, including a sample Friends newsletter listing special antiques events and free tickets available for antiques fairs — see also Friends

To take advantage of the above services you may contact us using the details on our Contact page.