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Certificates of BADA Provenance

BADA Members can issue their customers Certificates of BADA Provenance for any item purchased from them.

The importance of provenance

Since its foundation in 1918, BADA has set the standard for trading in the antiques business.

Our main aim is to establish and maintain confidence between our members and the public, both in buying and selling.

Certificates of BADA Provenance are a tangible and lasting method of achieving this.

Provenance is a crucial element in the sales process and of significant importance to the art market at large.

The fact that an object has been bought from a BADA member can be recorded on a certificate as part of its permanent provenance.

Benefits of certification

Details of all certificates issued are kept permanently by BADA and owners of artifacts are advised to keep the certificates with their valued antique objects to pass them on to future owners.

The certificates are especially popular with overseas buyers, in particular buyers from markets such as China and Turkey, where collectors welcome the added assurance.

The information contained in all certificates is held on a centralised database administered by BADA, which enables a member of the public to check with BADA whether or not the certificate they hold is genuine.

To ensure quality control and security, the hard copies of the certificates are only ever issued from BADA’s London offices.

Requesting a certificate

Customers of BADA members who have purchased objects for which they would like to request a Certificate of BADA Provenance should contact the member in the first instance.

To create a certificate, BADA members can select the Draft Certificates option from the Members Menu on the top right hand side of this page’