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A !9th century sailor-made wool-work picture of HMS Marlborough approaching the English coastline.

HMS Marlborough was a first-rate three-decker 131 gun screw ship built for the Royal Navy in 1855. She was begun as a sailing ship of the line (with her sister ships HMS Duke of Wellington, HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Royal Sovereign), but was completed to a modified design and converted to steam on the stocks. She served as flagship of the Mediterranean Fleet from 1858 until 1864 when she was replaced as flagship by Victoria. She sailed back to Portsmouth to serve as a receiving ship and as a training ship for engineers. During the 1870's,  whilst at Portsmouth, she was down-graded in rating to a 98 gun ship.

English circa 1860, within a period grained frame. w.28 in x h.21.25 in (22 x 15.25)

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