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London 1689. 

Obverse: Conjoined busts of William and Mary looking right. William is laureate and in decorated armour and mantle fastened with brooch on the shoulder. Mary is draped. Leg. GVLIELMVS. ET. MARIA. D G. MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB. EREX. ET. REGINA. 

Reverse: William and Mary seated beneath a canopy of state, each holding sceptre and orb; two Bishops support a crown over their heads. Leg. IDOLOLATRIA. SERVITVTE. PROFLIGATIN. RELIGIONE. LEGIB. LIBERTAT. RESTITVTIS. (Idolatry and Slavery put to flight, Religion, the Laws, and Liberty restored.) Ex. 1689. 
See Medallic Illustrations Vol I. Page 668. No. 38. 

This medal was cast after George Bower to commemorate the accession of William and Mary the result being expressed in the legend.


Diameter: 2 inches (5cm)


Weight: 0.74 troy ounces (23 grams)