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Elegant VICTORIAN Eton College sterling silver goblet, silver gilt inside the bowl.
Maker: Daniel and Charles Houle. London 1864. 

This goblet is one of a pair and is being sold individually. 
The goblet is perfectly plain apart from the engraving and stands on a long stem which has two individual circles of beading. The circular base also has a ring of beading on the border. 
The Eton College coat of arms is engraved on one side of the goblet together with the motto beneath 'FLOREAT ETONA'. The inscription above the coat of arms reads 'Winner of the Mile Race'. Beneath the motto the winner's name is inscribed 'E. ROYDS' with the date below. 
The full set of hallmarks is stamped near the goblet's rim. 

Height: 6.8 inches (17.3cm) 
Width Rim: 3.5 inches (8.9cm) 
Width Base: 3 inches (7.6cm) 


8 troy ounces (249 grams)

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