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A Victorian English Hunting Horn Engraved by C.H.Wood with Scenes of Greyhound Coursing Entitled ‘Coursing’ and ‘Finish of the Course’ and with the inscription ‘From an Affectionate Mother to her Beloved Sons RJ & JD Blackwell 1866’ 

Signed in small script ‘Eng’ with a Penknife by C. Wood’

Circa 1866

Size: 38cm wide, 9cm dia. (max) - 15 ins wide, 3½ ins dia. (max)

Working in the tradition of sailors scrimshaw, Charles H Wood specialised in producing engraved nautilus shells and horns such as this example. He boasted that the designs were achieved solely by means of a penknife, and his work is generally inked and engraved in the manner of scrimshaw.

A large nautilus shell profusely engraved by him was exhibited at the 1851 Great Exhibition. He had previously presented it to Queen Victoria who he claimed had accepted several examples of his craft.

It is believed that he travelled to America on board the steam ship Leviathan. Having produced cowrie shell cameos of the ship on the journey he set up shop on the dockside and sold the signed cameo shells as souvenirs.


38cm wide, 9cm dia.

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