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Unusual Sailor's Woolwork (Woolie) of Two Royal Navy Ships,

Titled "Wood versus Iron",

Circa 1865

(Ref: NY9307-ucp)

The chain-stitched sailor's woolie depicts two Royal Navy ships sailing towards each other with a sewn banner below inscribed "Wood versus Iron".  The woolie has unusual rectangular dimensions and has a bird's eye maple frame.

The right-hand iron frigate flies a White Ensign and three signal flags from the Mainmast- a pennant of blue and yellow (possibly S) and below a yellow and red flag for O and at the bottom the Union Flag and a small Union Jack from the foremast.  The three-masted ship is underway with sail and steam, the two steam funnels visible under the furled lower sails. The wood ship on the left is also three-masted and under sail, a white and red ensign flies from its Mainmast.

Dimensions:  35 inches wide x 19 inches high (88 cm x 48 cm). Sight: 31" x 15" (79cm x 39 cm)


88 cm wide x 48 cm high

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