This object is eligible for a Certificate of BADA Provenance

A striking and profusely carved Oak coffer, typical of those produced in East Devon. It is dated 1697 on the lid around a stylised tulip.

The front has decorative rails and uprights surrounding three panels carved with Trees of Life.

The hinges have been replaced, although the back rings and remains of one hinge are still in place and it still has its working lock and key.

The carving has heavily punched ornamentation and has clearly been carried out by three different individuals from the same workshop, leading one to assume that it was put together in 1697, but that the majority of the construction was probably quite a bit earlier.

This is not surprising as workshops were reluctant to waste good materials.

The internal till has an attractively punched lid, and the front section has been replaced.


Height 31 ½ inches, Width 44 inches, Depth 21 ¾ inches

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