This object is eligible for a Certificate of BADA Provenance

A Spanish Sterling 915 standard Silver double-lipped sauce boat of shaped oval form with hand hammered finish. The sauce boat has a single C-scroll handle, an applied reeded rim, all standing on a pedestal foot.

Made by Manuel Garrido for Plateria Lopez of Madrid. 

Silverware LÓPEZ was born on March 20th 1918, in Calle Pez number 15, Madrid, following a business transfer from an antiques business.

Palomar Pedro López, from Liceras (Soria) with experience of over 20 years in the commercial sector, acquired the business focusing on silver, jewellery, paintings, fans and showcase objects. 

The 30's witnessed the expansion of Silverware LÓPEZ, with an increase in the number of outlets outside Madrid, in particular in San Sebastián and Hondarribia, serving customers who vacationed in these cities, close to the French towns of Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz, Bayonne and Pau, with a long term tradition in the antiques trade.

The store in Calle Prado number 3 was opened in the traditional neighbourhood of “Las Letras” in 1932. By that time, there were a significant number of outlets and business linked to art and antiques in the area.

This outlet became the head office, particularly from 1975 as a result of the closure forced by serious structural defects in the number 15 Calle Pez property. This coincided with the demolition of the building where the outlet in San Sebastian was located. 

In the 40's, Silverware LÓPEZ started a new career path with the manufacture and marketing of duplicates of handmade silver antiques, reflecting our extreme care, professionalism and respect of the original models. This activity was met with great success, thus forcing the trade of antiquities to become secondary.

Silver art pieces manufactured over the years are a landmark in the national and international market due to its beauty, undeniable aesthetic and value, as a result of our efforts to be produced with rigor and quality by renowned and respected silversmiths.

In the late 90's, the antiques business resumed operations with the opening of an annex to the main store. This way we came back to our original business, offering a varied portfolio, made up of an eclectic mix, with the aim of offering a wide enough range to meet our customer’s demand.

LÓPEZ today offers not only a working philosophy aimed at the satisfaction of each and every one of our customers, but also, the experience gained over nearly 100 years, due to our contact with silverware collecting, antiques and art in general.

Origin: Spain

Year: 1935


Length 9.25inches 23.50 cm, width 4.73 inches, 12 cm, Height 4 inches, 10.16 cm.


13 troy oz

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