This object is eligible for a Certificate of BADA Provenance

A George II Portland stone chimneypiece from the workshops of Sir Henry Cheere, circa 1738.

Depicting (cryptically) the story of Pixodorus as recounted in Vitruvius. Previously with five layers of paint, the last being an oak graining of probably around 1830. Stripped and restored to the original stone surface in 2015.

Probably made for John Spencer (1708-1746), son of the Duke of Sutherland and heir to Althorp, for 33 Grosvenor Street.

Probably dismantled in the extensive alternations in 1912, and stored in the cellar from whence removed and sold (with appropriate permissions) in 2014.


Height: 56in. / 142cm Width: 69in. / 175cm Depth: 9in / 23cm