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Set of Six Glass Snifters by Chocolaty Frantisek, Chezch Republic.

The famous snifters, with which the VIP carouse while becoming members of the Moser Club. The stem has a unique flexible quality, enabling the glass to spin on its base.

Each of the snifters is unique and has its own tone. Toasting is accompanied by a charming melody, resembling the chimes of bells.

Creator prepared goblets for every agues individually, a sort of ‘tailor-made’ snifters. Therefore, he classified humanity into six different types and created six snifters.

He gave each snifter individual names with reference to facial qualities. Slim Lady, Long Fellow, Long Face, Moon Face, Stout Gentleman and Big Bertha.

Made in 1957.


19 inches High, 12 inches Wide, 12 inches in Diameter

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