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Sailor's Woolwork of HMS Neptune Fully Dressed with Sailors on the Yardarms, 
Circa 1865.

The sailor's woolie depicts the Third Rate, HMS Neptune, fully dressed with the sailors on the yardarms.  The name HMS Neptune is displayed on a banner below.  The Neptune is shown with a portside view on a calm, deep blue sea.  Two other small sailing ships can be seen to either side of the banner.  A Union Jack is flown depicting the presence of an Admiral on board.

Dimensions: 24 inches high x 29 1/4 inches wide x 1 inch deep.

HMS Neptune was built initially as a 120-gun first rate Caledonia-class ship of the line of the Royal Navy and launched on 22 September 1832 at Portsmouth.  She was rebuilt as a 72-gun third rate with screw propulsion in 1859 and it is that version seen in this woolie.

The Caledonia-class ships of the line were a class of nine 120-gun first rates, designed for the Royal Navy by Sir William Rule. A tenth ship (Royal Frederick) was ordered on 29 October 1827 to the same design, but was launched in 1833 as Queen to a fresh design by Sir William Symonds.


60.96cm high x 74.30cm

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