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Sailor's Woolwork of HMS Nankin, 
Circa 1865.

A lovely sailor's woolwork or woolie picture depicting the 4th Rate HMS Nankin under full sail flying the blue ensign as she passes a fortification flying the Union Jack and an estuary. The name of the ship can be found on a silk hat band sewn into the design below the ship.  The sky is rendered in an unusual dark blue with white streaks.

The Nankin was launched on  16 March 1850 was the last 4th Rate to remain a sailing ship all her life. She carried 50 guns.  From 1866-95, she became the Dockyard Hospital ship at Pembroke Dockyard.

Dimensions:  17 inches x  23 inches (43 x 58cm)Sight: 13 inches high x 19 inches (33 x 48cm)

A contemporary full hull model of the 50-gun steam Frigate HMS ‘Nankin’ (1850) from the National Maritime Museum can be found here-ttp://
with the following description: 

The hull is painted copper to indicate sheathing below the waterline, while above on deck are fitted a number of fixtures including a double wheel, circular skylight, stump masts and bowsprit, with a half bust male figurehead mounted on the bow. 

The ‘Nankin’ was built at Woolwich Dockyard and measured 185 feet in length by 50 feet in the beam with a tonnage of 2002. She was crewed by 500 men and carried a variety of guns ranging from 32-pounder to 68-pounders although the onset of peace meant that the Navy Board decreed that for mainly structural reasons, the eight guns mounted on the gangways amidships. As a result of this, subsequently no spar-decked frigates mounted guns in the waist. After seeing service in the China Wars from 1856–59, the ‘Nankin’ became a receiving ship before being broken up in 1905.


43 cm x 58cm

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