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Circa 1680

The heads are carved in oak and show a bearded man with open mouth, wide eyes and flowing locks of hair. At the back of the mouth of each of the heads is a round plugged hole from which would once have emerged the fountain pipe.

Old repairs to the faces and traces of polychrome in the hair and corners of the eyes.

The tradition of human fountain masks dates back many hundreds of years; for a pair in bronze from the end of the 15th century and a pair in stone from Nürnberg, Germany see biblio.

Die Mittelalterlichen Bronzen im Germanischen Nationalmuseum by Ursula Mende pub.2013 see p.49 Abb.14 Kat.Nr.2, Brunnenmaske, P1.0.225 and p.51 Abb.17 Ehemals Nurnberg. Ludwigstrasse 18. Brunnenmasken.


Height 80 cm Width 57 cm

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