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The stem has a typical formation for goblets produced in Nuremberg in the second half of the 17th century. The combination of four ball knops with alternating blade knops is distinctive of glasses made in Nuremberg and to a lesser extent Southern Bohemia for a shorter period in the late 17th century.

The spiked gadrooning around the base of the bowl was only fashionable for a limited period from 1670 to 1700 latest. The merese at the base of the bowl is a vestige from the ‘Façon de Venise’ and an earlier indicator. 

Engraved with an arboreal hunting scene a hare being pursued by a hound. Themes involving pursuits be they hunting scenes, cavalry chasing foot soldiers, highwaymen and coach and horses are a consistent theme on many goblets of this period. The shape of the bowl and the transparency of glass is a good medium for such themes. 

This is the largest example we have ever offered for sale at 23.7cms and the only example with spiked gadrooning.


23.7cm high, 9cm dia bowl, 12cm dia foot