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Minoan stirrup jar,

Late Helladic III

Circa.1350-1200 BC


Of typical form, the body with wide shoulder, twin handles either side a false neck, flaring spout on the shoulder and a ring base.

Decorated in ochre slip; the body with thick, plain bands, the shoulder with cross-hatched triangles, the top of the false handle with a spiral.

Behind the handle is a chain pattern between vertical lines. Intact, with a very small ancient firing crack on the central handle. Some encrustation to the surface.


Private collection, Deuil-La-Barre, France; acquired late 19th to mid 20th Century


For a discussion on the cross-hatched triangles see P.A. Mountjoy, Regional Mycenaean Decorated Pottery, Vol.I (Rahden/Westf., 1999), p.447, fig.160a


Height 10.3cm

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