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Erard, Paris Gothic Harp Maple and Gold c1850. Sebastian Erard was the harp maker in Paris who designed the double action system for the harp which is found with minor variations in all modern harps.

He considered it prudent to move to London at the time of the Revolution where he established a second factory.

The harp illustrated is a relatively late production of the Paris factory designed by his nephew Pierre with the full 47 string specification which is comparatively rare.

The Erard Harp is in good visual condition and is sold as a decorative item, as seen, for £9,000.00 including 20% UK VAT.

If you wish to play the harp additional work will need to be undertaken and then the cost of the instrument will be £15,000.00 including UK VAT.


Erard, Paris numbered 1885


54.00cm wide, 179.00cm high, 112.00cm deep

(21.26 inches wide  70.47 inches high  44.09 inches deep)

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