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GERMANY, circa 1795

Werner & Mieth, Berlin, active 1792–1819: Werner & Mieth was founded in Berlin in 1792 by Christian Gottlob Werner, Gottfried Mieth and Friedrich Luckau Jr.. The workshop became famous for its well-made bronzes and mounted glassware, and it was the most important Berlin manufacturer of hand-made luxury goods in gilded bronze for more than four decades. In 1794, Werner & Mieth was given a royal appointment by King Frederick William II of Prussia (1744–1797). Its clientele included several of the finest German palaces and castles of that day for important royal residences, including the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin and the Schloss Sanssouci in Potsdam. Werner & Mieth drew inspiration from France, England and the Netherlands and worked with a range of materials such as gold, silver, bronze, glass, copper, crystal, tin and mercury. By 1810, Werner & Mieth was exporting its chandeliers to the major cities of Europe such as Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, St Petersburg and Constantinople.


Width: 20 cm; Height: 40 cm; Depth: 20 cm

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