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Kangxi, Chinese, late 17th century blue and white porcelain  plate finely potted and with  excellent painting of the pattern known as 'Master of The Rocks'  Made At the kilns at Jingdezhen c1690 with fine decoration in vibrant cobalt blue   To the underside there are landscape mountain scenes to the underside of the cavetto and a six character apocryphal Cheng H'ua mark to honour and not to deceive  

The plate  is extremely well painted with imposing   mountains with pine trees and tumbled rocks  with two small figures on the promontory representing a Confucian scholar and attendant. A pair of geese are in the sky  

Like all good master of the Rocks decorated pieces it is painted with a very good hand in bright cobalt blue with excellent detail

Although the term 'Master of the Rocks' refers to a design that is in the Chinese taste it is not a term that is recognised as a known pattern in China but was thought to be coined by the collector and academic Gerald Reitlinger and refers to a distinct collection of designs centred around impressive mountains and rivers with the strata of the rock as part of the design and the designs were inspired by the Ming scrolls.

The pattern is closely associated with the Transitional period or early Kangxi period upto c1674 The painting is in excellent cobalt 

20.3cm diameter 



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