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From the Beatles to the Bomb, from top-secret documents to mass propaganda, maps tell many stories, allowing us to explore changing social attitudes towards the unfamiliar and unconventional, from Jewish London at the turn of the century to women in the workplace, and from the Edwardian opium trade to gay London in the 1980s.

In the 20th century, the first age of near universal map literacy, maps permeated almost every aspect of daily life. Greater awareness of maps led to greater use of map imagery across the board – a minority of maps in the book were used for finding the way from A-B. This book explores the 20th century map archive, examining different types of mapping, the variety of maps as physical objects, and the range of contexts in which maps were made and used. The focus is on a ‘British’ 20th century, but one which has been interpreted in the broadest possible sense, culturally and geographically.