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George Brookshaw Print of two Varieties of Raspberries, one yellow and one red.

Plate IV, from Natural History Art, Botanical, Fruit, Brookshaw, Pomona Britannica,

Dated 1804

(Ref: NY9425-mrr)

The applied Publication Legion below and center-reads Plate IV, Painted & Published as the Act Directs by the Author G. Brookshaw 1804. This aquatint engraving, with some stipple, was printed in color and finished by hand and depicts two types of raspberries, one yellow and one red. Mounted with an acid-free matte and Museum Glass.

Dimensions: 26 1/4 inches x 21 1/4 inches x 3/4 inch in depth 66.68 cm high x 53.98 cm wide x 1.91 cm deep

Donald A. Heald writes, George Brookshaw's 'Pomona Britannica' is the finest work on fruit and flowers ever produced. Its breathtaking images display a level of technical virtuosity and beauty that distinguish this magnificent work as a true work of art. As a retired cabinetmaker, Brookshaw produced his seminal botanical study late in his career, at first publishing it in parts and then as a complete edition in 1812.

The fact that this outstanding work took ten years to complete is evident in the quality of its images and the care with which Brookshaw executed each individual picture. 'Pomona Britannica' was produced as a visual record of the best available varieties of fruit in an attempt to encourage gardeners to experiment with growing fruit, and illustrates examples found in the Royal gardens at Hampton Court, Kensington Gardens, and the private gardens of the Prince of Wales in Blackheath. 'Pomona Britannica' differs from other botanical works in its dark aquatinted backgrounds and its stylized compositions. By using aquatint to create a contrasting background, Brookshaw manages to produce a truly dramatic effect. His use of stylized composition distinguishes his pictures from the dry scientific illustrations found in other botanical studies and creates an exceptionally beautiful visual experience. 'Pomona Britannica' is not only a didactic study, it is a masterpiece of illustration in which every picture is a testament to the artist's talent and ingenuity.


66.68 cm high x 53.98 cm wide x 1.91 cm deep

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