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George Brookshaw Engravings of Silver Rock Melons & Scarlet Flesh Rock Melons,

Plate 66, Scarlet Flesh Rock Melons (double Melon) and Plate 67, Silver Rock Melon,

From 'Pomona Britannica, or, A Collection of the Most Esteemed Fruits'.

Dated 1812 

(Ref: NY9574-nlir)

These aquatint engraving, with some stipple, were printed in color and finished by hand.  One depicts two Scarlet Flesh Rock Melons, Plate 66 (double Melon) and the other Silver Rock Melon, Plate 67.

Dimensions: Frame: 28 1/4 inches x 25 1/4 inches wide x 1 1/4 inches; (71.76 high x 64.14cm) 18 x 14 1/2 in. (sight).

Now with Conservation Museum Glass.

Provenance:  Ambassador Joseph Verner Reed.

No other artist captured the romantic symbolism of fruit as did George Brookshaw. He combined stipple, aquatint, and linear engraving with considerable hand coloring as his medium. The resulting large, sumptuous engravings remove the subjects from the earthly context of the soil and edify them in their most ripened state. In Prideaux's Aquatint Engravings the Pomona Britannica is described as "one of the finest color-plate folios in existence."


71.76 high x 64.14cm71.76 high x 64.14cm

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