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An extremely rare early Victorian twenty light cut glass silvered mounted chandelier of exceptional quality the baluster thumb and radial cut shaft with lower shaft canopy and draping pan this pan suspending chains of spangles the top of the chandelier with radial cut receiver bowl surmounted by an unusual crown consisting of eight thumb cut Sheppard's crooks which in turn support collars terminating with alternant crescent and star finials this crown surmounted by eight smaller Sheppard's crooks with petal edged collars centre by faceted spires the main receiver plate supporting twenty thumb cut candle arms arranged in two tiers and terminating with scalloped drip pans and flute cut ball nozzles the drop hung radial cut receiver bowl with fan edge is surmounted by a drop hung canopy terminating with a tapered lapidary cut finial the chandelier is of exceptional quality throughout all hung with tapered lapidary cut ball drops unique to F&C Osler.

English Circa 1860

Height: 86in (218.5cm)

Width: 52in (132cm) 

Chandelier of this quality and size are extremely rare.
For similar examples of F&C OSLER Chandeliers see Chapter fourteen The English Glass Chandelier by Martin Mortimer
John P Smith Osler's Crystal for Royalty and Rajahs Mallet Ltd 1991

Item Code: FA427