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The fine suite of glasses cut with eight point star foot slice cut stem with diamond cut knop this supporting a flared bucket bowl with deep spiral cutting at the base engraved with rope band and the initials J.A.M.

The service consisting of 12 Wine, 18 Sherry and 20 Port glasses.

English Circa 1825



Wine: 5 1/2in (14cm)

Sherry: 5 1/4 (13.5cm)

Port: 4 1/4 (11cm)


Wine: 3in (7.5cm)

Sherry: 2 3/4 (7cm)

Port: 2 3/4 (7cm)



Private English Collection, the suite has been with this family for over 100 years.

This glass is similar in design to the glasses in a service made for the Prince of Wales by Perrin Geddes of Warrington c. 1806-10, but a drawing in the Victoria and Albert Museum, E.784-1978 by John Jones, shows a similar glass engraved 'J.A.M.' and on the drawing inscribed 'Had by J.A. Mandezabal'. John Jones, was one of the sons of Francis Jones (d. 1834), who had taken over the firm of John Blades after the latter's death in 1829. The V. & A. also has a sheet of drawings by Leopold William Jones dating from c. 1840 which also shows this shape. The firm continued until 1857. J.A.M. was presumably the Spanish economist and politician Juan Álvarez Mendizábal (1790-1853), who lived in England from 1823 until returning to Spain in the mid 1830s.

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