This object is eligible for a Certificate of BADA Provenance

Of Natural Organic Form with Historic Green Painted Surface
Dug-Out and Hand Carved Root Wood
Swedish, c.1770, Branded Intials ""OSS" and "BWS"


17cms high x 46cms wide x 39.5cms deep

Condition report

A fine traditional Rootwood domestic bowl, with well figured, tightly grained timber which retains much of the historic painted surface. The bowl reflects the natural form of the root, which has been dug-out and hand carved to create the bowl. The exterior has an exceptional historic green painted surface, which has been patiently dry-scraped of later painted surfaces, whilst the interior shows evidence of old white paint traces. There are multiple scars and bruises and much wear to the edge of the bowl, tool marks are visible to the scraped paint surface and residual pigments all over. This is a good large early example which also bears several historic brands and ownership marks to the underside, including "OSS" and "BWS".

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